What are the main features and benefits of our services? 

  • Welcome to Medical Tourism Romania! Our team is now your personal advisor in your journey to Transylvania, Romania. MTR is a company who takes professional care of all the aspects involved in travelling to a foreign country for medical procedures. We dedicate all our efforts to finding the best options for you, so that you can benefit most of our offer:

  • high quality treatment, for a fraction of the cost you would pay in your country; 
  • low cost flights from most of the Europe's large cities; 
  • short trips in one of the most spectacular regions of Europe; 
  • tourism package in perfect accordance with your doctor's recommendations.      more


We are here to help you prepare for your travel to Cluj, Romania! Below, you can find a sketch of how this program works, step by step.
Click on each step for details. You can also contact us at any moment for further information.

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Step 1: Please study our website to identify medical procedures you need tocomplete and submit the registration form.

Step 2: Depending on the options and issues highlighted, the consultant will contact your doctors and specialists to build a treatment plan. For any clarification, the consultant will contact you by phone.
Step 3: After the phone consultation, if you opted for it, your consultant will create a traveling program that will be sent to you together with your  treatment package, asking your consent.

Step 4: Once your consent on the proposed package is received the consultant will make all appointments and reservations required (transportation, accommodation, treatments, trips, concerts, etc.) and we will send you a complete program with the final price and the payments to be made in advance.

Step 5: After transferring the required advance payments, then you can pack for coming to Cluj-Napoca! Be sure to put in your luggage the treatment program and any e-tickets, vouchers, etc. provided.
Step 6: Your consultant will make sure that you arrive to your accommodation safely, by arranging your transfer from the airport or by accompanying you. During your stay in our city, the consultant will answer any questions and will help you enjoy your stay and treatment.
Step 7: You will follow the scheduled treatment and if necessary we will provide translation in your language or another  known language, during your sessions with your doctors.
Step 8: After treatment or between procedures, and with your physicians consent, you will enjoy your holiday choice. Your consultant will make sure that everything goes according to the  agreed schedule. If you want other services such as restaurant reservations,  hairdresser appointments, shopping, we will do our best to satisfy those requirements.

Torok Kinga, 27, Hungary

Acupuncture treatment has helped me regain my body from before pregnancy. After long efforts and diets for getting rid of 10 kilos, I still had an additional five kilos. After about a month and half of acupuncture I managed to lose those extra kilos and reduce my belly circumference by 8 cm. This happened a year ago and since then I have not gained weight at all, ...

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News and Events

Busy summer for Transylvanian clinics

For many private clinics in Transylvania and Banat, this will be a busy summer, as foreign tourists choose to spend their short holidays in Romania, for different medical services. 

Revolutionary anti cellulite procedures

BEAUTY Clinic from Cluj-Napoca joins our medical tourism network starting this month! Specialized in slimming programs, Beauty Clinic offers the most revolutionary device for anti cellulite procedures : Vela Shape II. You can find more details on Our Partners section.

Special offer for balneary treatments

The newest private balneary center in Transylvania awaits you with a special package: accommodation and treatment at incredible prices. The clinic offers full range of services: mud and paraffin, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, physiotherapy, massage, recovery gymnastics, saline aerosol. For more information, visit the Our Partners section.